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The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf - Free Ebook

Among them is the young, sensitive Terence Hewet, an aspiring writer, with whom Rachel falls in love. But theirs is ultimately a tale of doomed love, set against a chorus of other stories and other points of view, as the narrative shifts focus between its central and peripheral characters.

Forster praised The Voyage Out as "a book which attains unity as surely as Wuthering Heights , though by a different path. Katherine Anne Porter wrote of Woolf: "The world of arts was her native territory; she ranged freely under her own sky, speaking her mother tongue fearlessly.


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By Virginia Woolf his English novel, by an English writer, gives promise in its opening chapters of much entertainment. Later, the reader is disappointed.

That the author knows her London in its most interesting aspects--those in which members of Parliament and their coterie of relatives and friends are the active figures--there can be no doubt. But aside from a certain cleverness--which, being all in one key, palls on one after going through a hundred pages of it--there is little in this offering to make it stand out from the ruck of mediocre novels which make far less literary pretension.

As for the story itself, it is painfully lacking, both in coherency and narrative interest. It is called the Euphrosyne.