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The stick commented that I had a very smooth toss from stick left. My toss didn't look like that before I saw you. Thank you for seeing my better half at the same time. We are planning a trip in the fall. This time I will plan on seeing you at the start of our trip instead of the last day. After a long chat about Iowa and the things he misses, he craps dealer told me I had the hand of the week there.

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Thirty-eight minutes long and five points made. Not all my throws were perfect by any means, but I focused on the two S's on the pass line for my landing zone, tried to stay focused, and tried to loosen my pendulum swing and wrist plus maintain good follow-through. I want to thank you all for a really neat time. I feel I have basic idea of what dice setting is and that the seminar was just the beginning. I really loved having the Dice Coach all to myself.

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The class is custom fit to your needs. He's very patient, knowledgeable happy friendly go lucky. I felt like I've known the Dice Coach a long time, meaning I was immediately comfortable with him. I 'm so happy to have taken his one on one class and definitely recommend it to others.


After the session Beau brought us back to our Hotel. I played 14 crap sessions, won 4, lost Thanks again for your class, it was the tune up I needed after a long period away from the tables!

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He has a nack of getting you to relax and concentrate without putting pressure on yourself, which allows you to throw with more precision and more softly. His positive attitude gives you great confidence! Excellent session, very patient, knowledgeable and excellent coaching skills. I have been playing craps for twenty years and I learned more in two hours than in the whole 20 years! Learned more than any of the books I have read.

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I will take another class form the dice coach. I had the opportunity to take the 2 hour dice setting course with the Dice Coach and it was everything I hoped for. The Dice Coach did not try to totally alter my throw but he did point out some direct things that I had to work on. Because I am a coach in Hockey I realize the importance of having a coach there to show you the proper way. I highly recommend this course for anyone who throws the bones and will definitely repeat this course as a refresher!

If you seriously want to make a positive change in your crap game, see the DiceCoach on your next trip to Vegas. You'll never play craps the same way again. They said it was almost an hour.

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When I 7'ed out they gave me a yell an applause like I never heard. They changed stick, had a fill, suits all over the place, I stayed in the zone breathing and backing away from the table, no one talked to me, every was a hoop and a holler but when I got ready to shoot there was silence. Stick guy said he never heard the applause and atta boys that I got when I 7ed. All 12 or 13 people passed around to me , it was point 7 so I colored up.

You would have been proud of me coach. Some guy's made lots of money. One of your satisfied students. A problem is a chance for you to do your best. Watch our video here Thanks for the refresher. Had a 39 roll hand, 14 hard ways, at Golden Nugget. Used the opposite corner toss from SL1.

ed4fr.top/branded-bulletproof-book-2.php In the middle of the roll, box man told me I could not toss in the corner. Started tossing down the pass line and continued the hand. Forgot to bet the small, tall, and all, but I hit it for a couple of people. Not exactly a great start. I played at stick left and used a set with the 6 and 2 facing and the 2 and 6 on top. The point was a 5 and I hit that. Lessons: It is better to be on vacation than working. It is better to be in Las Vegas than not in Las Vegas. I think that dice control works. Thanks for everything. After a couple of rounds around the table and losing money on all the other players, I got the dice and had the best rolls I've ever had.

For those of you who don't know what the all tall - Small - All prop bet. Way to go WM!! March This is Joe McLaughlin. I had been experiencing some serious trouble with my controlled toss that I just couldn't correct on my own. Seriously, I was about to give it up and never pick up the dice again.

There aren't enough words to express my gratitude for giving me back the game that I have come to love. Aside from that, the customized betting strategy you gave me seems to be paying off. In two 1 hour sessions I have almost paid for the class, if I wasn't so conservative I would have cut a hefty profit on the first session. Further, the dice setting approach you laid out for me has made me a hero at the table. Now when I approach the table, other regulars at my home town casino start to bet heavy in anticipation of my rolls.

Playing on your beautiful casino grade table at your "facility" was an experience that I will cherish for years to come. I will return on my next trip to Las Vegas and try a casino session with you. I hope to learn as much from you on our next trip as I did this trip. Again, thank you, for allowing my wife and I to learn from the best! The action was up and down My brother tapped out and left, looking for opportunity elsewhere. A phone call from "above", came in and they began shutting down the left side of the table for a 'big wig'. I hung in for awhile and surpassed my loss limit, so off to the cage I went, leaving our last surviving shooting partner, at stick right.

As the afternoon wore on, I learned that the big wig was none other than J Lo herself. Thinking that may be an opportunity to shoot with her, combined with my ever-present itch to play, I bought back in, this time, for a small amount. My partner, still at stick right set the point of So having been beat up so much prior to that, I placed 32 inside with pass line and double odds.

Twenty or so tosses later, my brother returned to see what was going on. I had pressed up to green chips across. Not wanting to interrupt the hand, he did not buy in So he watched as my partner made toss after toss, then finally, made her first point and set a new point, somewhere around toss number thirty. As the hand progressed, my payouts changed to from red-green, to black, and then the occasional, purple, five hundred dollar chip. Later, purple and blacks every time the dice rolled down the felt.

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  • When she finally made another pass line point, my brother remarked that even with payout, it seemed ironic that it was a letdown compared to all my other, much larger box point wins. This hand went on and on. Can't say for sure how many tosses. Our 'Host' came and watched for better part of an hour. My mind says there were at least tosses. But I cannot say for sure, since I did not document the rolls.

    Even if it were actually, a mere tosses, it was by far the most exciting and profitable hand I have ever witnessed. The hand went on for 90 minutes, and there were only two of us at the table At the end, my 5 was up to nine hundred dollars. I probably had 5k sitting on the table when the devil showed.

    Do I regret leaving that much on the table Not in the least bit. I almost doubled that, in one hand Starting from 32 inside. Oh, Yeah J Lo never showed. Hi Beau, Oh where to start??? Dave went 5 to the fire at Caesars the first night. Took me 30 min to make the first point! Then I had a slew of repeaters. I looked up and Joe and I had purple and black chips across the table Not too shabby. Was a good trip overall. Hey guys what a trip!