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Why are soaps still pedalling backwards?

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Netflix account helps woman expose husband. Posted 21 April - Desperately need some expert hub-help on a Friday night Posted 21 April - As long as i recall its always done that on all my bikes Question is why pedal backwards?

Knee joint loading in forward versus backward pedaling: implications for rehabilitation strategies.

Posted 22 April - Desperately need some expert hub-help on a Friday night My 1x11 has been doing the same thing. I took it in and I watched my mech use a 'hangar adjustment tool' to show me that my hangar was way out of straight even though it looked in alignment. Anyway, it fixed the issue pronto.

The tool is a thing you screw into the wheel axle and it goes around touching the wheel rim or not, if it is skew like a big math's compass.

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Being slightly out of alignment but not out of position laterally was dropping the chain. My 2c.

  • biXe Gear lets you cycle forward by pedaling backwards!
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  • Edited by Thor Buttox, 22 April - Posted 22 April - If your chain is worn or "stretched" then as you backpeddle it won't mesh nicely with the new sprocket teeth causing the dropping. Pedaling forward under load will force the teeth and chain to mesh but back pedaling there is no tension in the chain to force an unevenly worn chain and sprocket to mesh.

    Try and stick a new chain on. Dropping when back pedaling is a known issue with Shimano cassettes. Posted 22 April - As stated bu Swiss and Pyka Pedaling forwards the derailure will keep the chain aligned obviously , but when backpedalibg there is nothing to keep it there, and it will default to closer to the chainline.

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    Crank spacers may make it 'better', but typically only shifts the 'problem' up or down. I'd say just live with it. Posted 22 April - Thanks all! It's still a 2x10 by the way - just changed the cassette from to As ya'll says: I'll just live with it.

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