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LGBT portal Literature portal. In Merrick, Jeffrey; Sibalis, Michael eds.

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Homosexuality in French History and Culture. Oxford University Press.

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The Baffler Retrieved Archived from the original on I pushed back the duvet and crawled out of it, kneeling next to him on the sofa instead, wanting him—for once—to hear me. Very close. Close enough to feel his breath against my face when he spoke. I lost myself in the paler fractals in his eyes. The faint tug and cling of his upper and lower lip between the words they shaped. The soft curls at his temples. One of his hands came up to cup my face, the edge of my jaw slipping into the soft cradle of his palm as if it belonged there.

Olivia Knight

My eyes closed involuntarily—I wanted to look, dammit—surrendering me to the long-missed pleasure of his touch. Alexis Hall is a pile of threadbare hats and used teacups given a semblance of life by forbidden sorcery. He sometimes writes books. Historical romance fans, take note! When an amulet with the power to control the tides is shipped to New York, he must intercept it before it can be used to devastating effects.

This time, in order to succeed, he needs a powerful psychometric…and the only one available has sworn off his abilities altogether. And as Arthur coaxes him out of seclusion, a magical and emotional bond begins to form. One that proves impossible to break—even when Arthur sacrifices himself to keep Rory safe and Rory must risk everything to save him. Get your excerpt here! Ignoring them, he snatched up the party-line telephone and bit out the exchange and number for the operator.

For the first time #1 MM Romance

The call was answered on the second ring. It was unquestionably sexy and that only pissed Rory off more. All heads in the lobby turned his way. There was a barely perceptible intake of breath. Rory slammed the receiver back on the cradle. He stood for a moment of righteous anger—then slumped as all the fight left him in a rush.

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That…might have been a bit harsh. He hunched his shoulders, conscious of every pair of eyes in the lobby staring at him. He slouched as small as he could and slunk away from the phone—. When it suddenly rang. Rory froze. His gaze landed on the phone. And no one else in the lobby was moving, all eyes staring at him, so finally he swallowed hard and picked up the receiver.

When not researching odd questions for her s romance series, she loves to connect with other readers and writers. Helllloooo sexy new cover and novel! Every hunger. Every longing. Cut free from his tethers, Six is awakening from a fragile, frightened boy into a creature of insatiable passions—and neither he nor Senzou can resist the temptation of illicit desires. In each other, they find the answer to unspoken, forbidden needs. In each other, they find kindred spirits. In each other…they find something broken. Something beautiful.


The real reason Senzou came for him. The hidden hand pulling both their strings….

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Still not quite convinced? Slowly, every movement so shy and furtive he trembled like the wings of a moth ready to take flight, Six tilted his head to one side, the soft shag of his hair drifting across his brow in shining platinum strands, silver eyes lowered and glimmering like mercury through the thick black forest of his lashes.

The delicate line of his jaw, too, a sharp and sloping thing guarding the vulnerable, sensitive places beneath, places that begged to be bitten, tasted, marked until they were painted in artistry of bruises, blood, teeth-marks that demanded flesh and lust and more. And that more coiled tight through Senzou as, shivering like a willow lathe in the wind, flushed pink against pale skin, Six closed his eyes and whispered so sweetly, so trustingly…. An illustrated cover featuring a fat brunette cane-using woman in a cupcake-printed dress holding hands with a fat redheaded trans man in jeans and an open plaid shirt in front of a bakery display case full of cupcakes.

Preorder: Gumroad Amazon. Behold, an excerpt! When would she get here?

The Sexy Librarian’s Dirty 30 Vol.2 – Stupid Fish Productions

He was so excited that his hands were fluttery, and he was bouncing a little. There was nothing better than doing a good job. He always got giddy at the beginning of tasks; this was their first joint task doing service for Gideon as metamours, and that was exciting, and Ernest was rather bouncy in general, anyway. Luckily, Nora was more grounded and moved slowly and deliberately, so they would balance each other out, he thought. Maybe there was a song in that, he thought, the two rhythms dancing around the melody, balancing it. His fingers moved on his thighs, building the rhythms, as his head started to fill with the melody. Then these two women sat right next to him, talking loudly about the bat mitzvah they were planning, and he lost the song altogether.

He should have sat in the corner. They would be perfect for his own birthday, but perhaps Gideon would want something more dignified. He had his eye on a pie shop in Brooklyn.

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How could he resist a chance to try cupcakes? Maybe they should get a half dozen and sample. It would give him a chance to take leftovers home and see what Daddy thought. But he knew Nora was diabetic and that made it thorny to fill the table with cupcakes. What if it was a mean thing to do, since she probably could only have a few bites? At least, that was what she generally did with desserts, when they had gotten them in the past. They always shared so she could have a taste but not mess up her blood sugar.

What I really need is to be left alone …unless I ask for information or help. Well, that cleared things up. He would do the sampler thing and try a few flavors, and let her do what made sense for her.