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Fight Alongside the Master Chief

Your team of should spread out, preferably within eyesight so you can use hand signals if you are preparing for an ambush. Form up along a rough line, but place yourselves where there is the most cover and most effective shooting locations. Staggered, some forward, and some to the rear, so you all have different arcs of fire.

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This way, if you are assaulted, it's likely at least one or two of you will always have an angle from which you can land hits on your opponent. The weakness of this is that you are extremely vulnerable to being flanked or hit from behind, if you aren't careful. This ideally is used when defending a base along a single front, with little threat from behind or flanks. You know how leapfrog works. The person behind moves past the person in front, and then that repeats. Use a similar tactic where one or two people push up, with the people behind them giving cover fire.

Now, the people in front will give cover fire while the people behind push up to the front, and so on. Very useful when you need to move faster than you would carefully moving in a wedge or line, and risks as little as possible in the meantime. Charge, rush, assault, whatever you call it. Moving ALL your people forward quickly to take out an objective when there's no time for clean cut maneuvers.

A game. Sure, we want to be the best, and we can take stuff from military books and apply it. But we're shooting plastic at each-other. Don't be that guy, break the gun in so we don't all get hurt, I beg you. Charging your opponent full force can be a highly effective tactic if the enemy isn't a good player.

Even then, it's difficult to hold your ground and shoot straight with someone charging and shouting while spraying full auto at you. To charge effectively, time it with an assault by friendly forces from a different direction, move from cover while firing, and maybe even shout a bit to disorient the enemy as much as possible.

Don't forget all this commotion might attract the attention of other forces roaming around that might come from behind while you're distracted. Wedge formation is honestly difficult to use unless practiced, although when you get it right it's a powerful tool for moving through uncertain ground.

Make sure you space yourselves reasonably so you don't get taken out in a burst of fully automatic fire, and don't stray too far from cover. While I apologize for the somewhat short tactics list, I did promise I'd only use what tactics my team has tested. And so I have. As I play more, and think of interesting things to try, I'll try and update this. So today we will look, in detail, at a few tactics to be used by the small fire-team. Add Teacher Note. Learn to work as a team, work together to achieve a common goal.

Everything goes more smoothly when you play with people you know. It's just how we work. Time to break into a fire-team. So you take a 3 man team, and while the rest of the team regroups for a frontal assault.

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  4. This honestly is one of the most basic maneuvers possible, but it's still important. Sometimes called a battle-line, but the fire-line has some key differences.

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    Enter the fire-line. Similar to setting up a perimeter, except along a single front.

    Yeah, I know, funny name. But this one works.

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    Make sure you're moving up to cover each time. Kinda important for staying alive.

    Destiny 2: The Future is Looking Bright - Fireteam Chat Ep. 229

    All of the questions can be answered based on common sense and observation of how everyday objects work. This test is designed specifically for firefighters, a job requiring ongoing study of difficult and technical materials.

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    Candidates are required to choose a word that best fits in the blank. This math test is designed specifically for firefighters. The questions are presented on video. Candidates must complete the calculations in their heads. No written calculation is permitted. Questions are based on the type of math that firefighters must use on a regular basis as part of the job.

    Basic areas covered include: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and proportions.