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Before this, he worked as a sound technician in the north east of England, mixing everything from death metal bands to orchestras. He also spent several years recording location sound for film and television. In his spare time, he likes to scuba dive. Jose Tevar is a freelance lighting designer from Hull. Middle Child are a Hull-based company creating gig theatre that brings people together for a good night out with big ideas.

They tell untold stories which capture the electrifying moment when the beat drops, mixing original live music with bold new writing. Their events are live and loud, making sense of the modern world. They are committed to breaking down barriers and ensuring that theatre is affordable and accessible for all. They will set fire to your expectations of what a night at the theatre can be. Paul Smith is a founding member and the artistic director of Middle Child. Yassmin V Foster is a director of movement and scholar, based in London.

She works across classical theatre, dance theatre and film. She is a graduate of anthropology and media, and holds MA Choreomundus — International master in dance knowledge, practice and heritage. Her research, which she has presented across the UK, and in the US, investigates movement with the contexts of play, ritual and dance. She also begins a PhD programme at Goldsmiths University in the autumn.

Our work experience student Annie reflects on her week with us. Chad Pliocene. Some interpretative approaches to Thomas Mofolo'sChaka. Chinua Achebe Nigerian Civil War. The new struggles of precarious workers in South Africa: nascent organisational responses of community health workers. Geochemistry and Sr-isotopic composition of the late cretaceous flood basalt sequence of northern Madagascar: petrogenetic and geodynamic implications. Geochemical characteristics of Cretaceous carbonatites from Angola. Paul N. Pearson Christopher J.

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    Mweneinda Joyce M. Bown Stuart A. Robinson Jeremy Gould.

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    Paleomagnetism of the Cretaceous Galula Formation and implications for vertebrate evolution. Sarah J. Widlansky William C. Clyde Patrick M. O'Connor Eric M. Roberts Nancy J. Cretaceous paleomagnetism. Characteristics of depositional environment and evolution of Upper Cretaceous Mishrif Formation, Halfaya Oil field, Iraq based on sedimentary microfacies analysis. New fossils of the giant pholidosaurid genus Sarcosuchus from the Early Cretaceous of Tunisia.

    A giant pterosaur in the Early Cretaceous Albian of Tunisia. Dakar's urban landscapes: locating modern art and artists in the city. Dakar public art graffiti artist. Dakar graffiti public art. Dakar public art biennale.