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Across studies, low expertise sources violate expectancies, stimulate involvement, and promote persuasion when they express certainty, whereas high expertise sources violate expectancies, stimulate involvement, and promote persuasion when they express uncertainty. Thus, nonexpert expert sources can gain interest and influence by expressing certainty uncertainty. Skip to main content.

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All Events. Seed Transformation Program Research Fellows. I guess that this is where we've come to If you don't want to, then you don't have to believe me But I will be there when you go down Just so you know now, you're on your own, now believe me Yo, I don't wanna be the one to blame You like fun and games, keep playin' em I'm just sayin' Think back, then we was like one and the same On the right track but I was on the wrong train It's like that now you gotta face the pain And the devil's got a fresh new place to play In your brain like a maze you can never escape The rain every damn day's the same shade of gray Hey, I used to have a little bit of a plan Used to, have a concept of where I stand But that concept slipped right outta my hand Now, I don't really even know who I am.

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