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This reveals the girl's grandmother as the werewolf, and she is stoned to death. The girl then inherits all of her grandmother's possessions. A closer look into the story might suggest that in fact the girl had set up her grandmother through a set of convenient lies, in order to gain her inheritance. For example, the snow covering any evidence of a struggle with the wolf.

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In the beginning of the piece, the wolf is described as an evil thing. One mini story in the beginning is about a witch who turned a whole wedding ceremony into wolves. She likes them coming to her cabin and howling their misery for it soothes her. In another mini story a young lady and a man are about to have sex on their wedding night. As they get ready the husband says he needs to stop and relieve himself in the forest. The wife waits and he never returns.

Off in the distance a wolf can be heard howling. She then figures her husband will never return and marries a new man. With her new husband she bears children. Her first husband comes back and sees his wife. The first husband then becomes furious and bites the leg off the eldest child. Her second husband kills the wolf, who dies and looks exactly the same as he had when he disappeared; this makes her cry and her husband beats her.

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Later we meet a girl walking in the woods. She was loved by everyone and feared nothing.

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She meets a handsome hunter who makes a deal with her; whoever can get to the grandmother's house first wins, and if the hunter wins she owes him a kiss. She lets the hunter win because she wants to kiss him. The hunter arrives at the grandmother's house tricking her. She is frail and sick. She holds a Bible in her hand for protection. He eats the grandmother, then waits for the girl.

When she arrives, she notices her grandmother's hair in the fire and knows the wolf has killed her. He threatens to kill and eat her too, but she laughs in his face and proceeds to seduce him, stripping off their clothes and throwing them into the fire.

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The last lines are "See! A feral child, whom some nuns have attempted to "civilize" by trying to teach her standard social graces, is left in the house of a monstrous, vampiric Duke when she cannot conform. She gradually comes to realise her own identity as a young woman and human being, and even develops compassion for the Duke, going far beyond the nuns' stunted views of life. The Bloody Chamber was first published in , though many of the stories within the collection are reprints from other sources, such as magazines, radio and other collections.

Only two are completely original to this collection, though many were revised or changed slightly from their previously published versions for this collection. The Bloody Chamber can be treated as a collection of short stories that speak to a bigger narrative that deals with issues of feminism and metamorphosis instead of a set of individual tales.

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Although each particular narrative deals with a different set of characters, the 'oppressed female seeking liberation' is a common theme and concept that is explored throughout the collection. The characters seem to blend into each other and become indistinguishable from one another when recognising this theme in the text. In particular to Carter's writing style, Margaret Atwood states that Carter presents a "macabre" painting, filled with gruesome and melancholy prose. She prefers instead a dirty, badly-lit place, with gnawed bones in the corner and dusty mirrors you'd best not consult.

Carter, herself, admits to being a fan of, both, Gothic horror and Edgar Allan Poe in particular, including in her stories such elements as incest and cannibalism in order to call upon the Gothic tradition. Often times, her writing is also considered [ by whom? This is shown in "The Bloody Chamber," specifically, when the narrator is unable to clean the blood away for what, otherwise, seems to be a normal key in a semi-realistic setting.

The time periods of the stories are early 20th century. For example, in "The Bloody Chamber" the existence of a transatlantic telephone implies a date of or later. On the other hand, the mention of painters such as Gustave Moreau and Odilon Redon , and of fashion designer Paul Poiret who designs one of the heroine's gowns all suggest a date before Angela Carter's short stories challenge the way women are represented in fairy tales , yet retain an air of tradition and convention through her voluptuously descriptive prose.

For example, in the opening tale "The Bloody Chamber" which is a retelling of Bluebeard , Carter plays with the conventions of canonical fairy tales ; instead of the heroine being rescued by the stereotypical male hero, she is rescued by her mother. Carter effectively draws out the theme of feminism by contrasting traditional elements of Gothic fiction — which usually depicted female characters as weak and helpless — with strong female protagonists.

In doing so, Carter reinvents the outdated conventions of fairy tales and offers insight on the archetypes and stereotypes of women in these well-known and celebrated stories. In particular, and especially in "The Bloody Chamber," Carter creates familial ties between her heroines and their mothers, where in the original fairy tales their mothers would have either died at the beginning of the story, or gone unmentioned.

By creating and strengthening said bond, Carter inverts the trope of a lone woman and creates a chorus of agency, where once there was none. It is notable that the conventions Carter analyzes and reimagines are of a patriarchal nature. Many of the original fairy tales that she draws inspiration from illustrate female characters in a vulnerable, damsel-in-distress position. It is clear that in giving her female characters more agency, Carter is directly responding to and critiquing these traditional patriarchal tropes.

The stories deal with themes of women's roles in relationships and marriage, their sexuality, coming of age and corruption. Themes of female identity are explored in the "Beauty and the Beast" stories such as "The Tiger's Bride". In one instance, Beauty: the story's heroine, is described as removing the petals from a white rose as her father gambles her away, a seeming representation of the stripping away of the false layers of her personality to find her true identity; an image that finds a mirror in the story's fantastical conclusion.

Carter continues to toy with Gothic fiction and gender, in a way that utilizes classic Gothic symbolism to push the narrative forward. She writes of Gothic fiction, that "characters and events are exaggerated beyond reality, to become symbols, ideas, and passions, [12] " all of which work towards the singular purpose of creating an uneasy atmosphere.

In "The Bloody Chamber," she extrapolates on the importance of symbolism, by placing emphasis on images such as the ominous Gothic castle, the blood on the key, or a blood-red choker awarded the heroine as a wedding gift. As in the Gothic tradition, these artifacts foreshadow the story to come, and the fate of the heroine as she spills blood on the bed sheets after consummating her marriage, the blood of her husband's previous wives as she learns his dark secret, and the blood that is meant to be spilled from her neck, once The Marquis vows to chop her head off.

The dragon , daffodil and leek are among Wales' national symbols. From medieval fortresses to scientific breakthroughs. Find out more about Wales' history through 10 iconic objects. Discover more about the national symbols of Wales, including the dragon, a vegetable, a spoon, and a ball.

Learn about Wales' fascinating history and discover a country full of rich culture, heritage and tradition. Find out about the population, climate, symbols, national anthem and more interesting facts about Wales. Discover more about Welsh festivals and events. Wales' Well-being of Future Generations Act is the first law in the world that addresses global problems like climate change, poverty health and inequalities.

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Universities in Wales provide education for thousands of international students each year and offer a range of courses in many locations. About Wales. Pause video. This is Wales Discover Wales' rich culture and history.

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